Getting Closer to the End.

So today was my last uni presentation of the week, that’s 2 down 4 to go…

Yesterday (Thursday) was my first presentation, it was for a subject called Audiovisual Projects, I had to hand in a DVD of a promotional video and an advert that I had created. And also an amazing Production Folder with all the information about storyboards, scripts, designs, etc…

Today was my Graphic Design Projects subject and it consisted of a Corporate Visual Identity Manual, this was quite an important part of this term because it was the birth of my Logo for the company and all the visual designs that would be incorporated in all my other subjects. Personally I think the presentation went really well!! Can’t wait to find out the result… -Nervous, chewing nails face-

So as I said that’s to subjects out of the way, one presentation next week and another one on the 27th, then just another two I’m working on in a group.

As I mentioned the video in my first post and in this one I thought it would only be fair if I reveal it to all of my fellow bloggers, please let me know what you all think of it> Promotional Video for SA Visual Artist and Designer



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